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Game Thursday promotion
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Welcome to Market Forum

Market Forum is operating under the Consumer Protection Act of the Laws of Malawi, Sections 3(b) and 6(h).

Market Forum hereby, through this website, is bringing a platform where valuable consumers will be interacting with suppliers of technology, goods and services in Malawi. Besides, for the first time in Malawi, consumers will now be able to buy goods online through us and have them delivered to their doorstep on the same day.

Consumers will through this page be provided with valuable information to make tough decisions in these tough recession times.

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REAL SECURITY with VIP|23.05.2014

Get free guard services!!!!

Subscribe with any security service offered by VIP SECURICOR and get a free guard at your premises either home, work, parking lot etc...
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PASAVUTE ndi TNM | 15.05.2014

Borrow air time

Your trusted partner will never leave you when you are stranded.

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TISANGALALE | 02.06.2014

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