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Section 3(b) of the Consumer Protection Act of the Laws of Malawi stipulates clearly that consumers are entitled to:
- True, sufficient, clear and timely consumer education including information on technology, goods and services offered, as well as on prices, characteristics, quality and risks that may be encountered in the consumption of technology, goods and services

Also Section 6(h) stipulates clearly that a supplier or trader of technology, goods and services has an obligation:
- To Provide consumers with true, sufficient, clear and timely information on technology, goods or services that they offer.

Market Forum hereby, through this website, is bringing a platform where valuable consumers will be interacting with suppliers of technology, goods and services in Malawi. Besides, for the first time in Malawi, consumers will now be able to buy goods online through us and have them delivered to their doorstep on the same day.
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This website is showcasing on daily basis the price list of various technology, goods and services available on our Malawian market.

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